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PowerBar Natural Energy Bar Cacao Crunch


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Art.Nr.: 5004411-002
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Productomschrijving Natural Energy Bar Cacao Crunch
  • reep
  • Snack
  • veganistisch
  • allergeen: glutenbevattende granen, zoals tarwe, rogge, gerst en haver, pinda's, sojabonen, melk, noten zoals amandelen, hazelnoten, walnoten, cashewnoten, pecannoten, paranoten, pistachenoten, macadamia's, queensland noten
  • eiwit per 100 g: 9 g
  • koolhydraten per 100 g: 63 g
  • vet per 100 g: 11 g
  • verbruik per 100 g: 399 kcal

The newcomer amongst power bars: for long-lasting energy and produced from natural ingredients - perfect for both amateur and professional athletes who are often outdoors in the fresh air, or on long, strenuous tours consuming lots of energy: Only those who refuel in time, hold out longer and enjoy sports more. Power Bar has also developed new flavours, in addition to the fruity varieties with real strawberry, refreshing candied cranberry pieces or the crunchy cocoa bar, there is now also a Sweet ""n Salty"" Seeds & Pretzels version for those who prefer it no so sweet and fruity. Thanks to a low fat content of only 5g the Natural Energy Bar provides a valuable contribution to a balanced diet, it is very digestible and rich in valuable carbohydrates, fibre and proteins.

  • Using no artificial flavours or colours
  • No preservatives
  • Keeps blood sugar levels more constant than Muesli bars
  • Prevents sudden loss of energy and hunger pangs
  • Available both individually or in a multipack
  • Recommended dosage consume a bar 30-60 minutes before exercise and / or a bar every 40-60 minutes during exercise with some water. Maximum four bars a day.

Content: 40g Per Bar, 24 (Box)

variant Box(24Stück) Stück
Gewicht 960 g 40 g

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