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MSR Women's Lightning Axis 22 W's snow shoe


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Kleur purple
Art.Nr.: 5004516-002
Productomschrijving Women's Lightning Axis 22 W's snow shoe
Sport & toepassing:
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The MSR Lightning Axis 22 W's is an ultra-comfortable snow shoe for women which offers outstanding traction and versatility in every terrain. Modular Flotation tails (sold separately) can be attached individually.

  • 360° Traction frames and Pivot™ crampons deliver advanced, edge-to-edge grip, delivering unmatched traction and security on any terrain in any conditions
  • World’s first bilateral binding adjustment neutralizes variances in natural foot positions to ensure an efficient, parallel stride.
  • Optional, included strap for maximum security on challenging terrain.

Weight per pair: 1.598g | Size: 56cm | Load: > 80/ 114 kg (excluding/ with extension)

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