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Black Diamond Expedition 3 Trekking pole

Black Diamond

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Art.Nr.: 5013445-002
Maat kiezen
Productomschrijving Expedition 3 Trekking pole
Sport & toepassing:
  • wandelen, skiën
  • Tourskiën, Trekking
  • 3-delig, verstelbaar, klemmechanisme
  • aluminium
stok doorsnede: 18

The Expedition 3 touring pole from Black Diamond is constructed in three parts, and therefore has a small pack size. The length adjustment is thanks FlickLock system quick and easy by hand and the lock keeps safe. With its comfortable, for quick grasping downward elongated handle, the Expedition 3 tour is perfect not only for skiing, but is also suitable as a walking and trekking stick.

  • special head shape to drive and use bindings and buckles
  • ergonomically shaped handles fit with and without gloves comfortably in your hand
  • adjustable hand strap
  • large baskets also give optimum grip in deep snow (100 mm powder basket)
  • including Trekking Baskets to change
  • Roch diameter: 18 mm (upper segment), 16 mm (middle segment), 14 mm (lower segment)

Gewicht: 520 g (Paar) | Länge: 58-125 cm, 62-140 cm | Material: Aluminium | Lieferumfang: 2 Stöcke, Powder Baskets, Trekking-Teller

variant 58-125cm 62-140cm
stoklengte 60 – 125 cm 65 – 140 cm
gewicht per paar 520 g  

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